Q: What is your quality grading standards?

At Tomodachipins, we go through careful inspection of every pin to search for any flaws. Production of pins is a delicate process that may at times result in some defects, so we try our best to provide honest standards to our customers. 

  • A Grade: Pins with very minimal to no flaws after meticulous examination.
  • B Grade: Consists of pins with some scuffs on the pin frame, scuffs/markings/scratches on the front side, and/or underfilling of enamel. From our experience, in most cases it is very difficult to even see any flaws with our B Grade pins. 

*Note* We grade pins based solely on the front side. Even though it is very rare, the backside of a pin may have some damages. This is not  taken into consideration in the grading process.